Beautiful Jewellery Gifts from Sushilla

We have selected some jewels that we think would make the perfect gift, for you or a loved one!

the healing properties of gemstones

Amethyst Antique Coin Pendant Necklace

aquamarine drop earrings taraOut of stock

Aquamarine Drop Earrings Tara

cufflinks rose quartz tallulah

Cufflinks Rose Quartz Tallulah

Halo Cocktail Ring Opal Tanzaniitehalo cocktail ring opal tanzanite

Halo Cocktail Ring Opal Tanzanite

long moonstone necklace rose gold tara

Long Moonstone Necklace Rose Gold Tara

multi tourmaline braceletmulti tourmaline bracelet

Multi Tourmaline Bracelet

Multi Tourmaline Necklace Tara

Multi Tourmaline Necklace Tara

Nikita Necklace Moonstone Pink Tourmaline

Nikita Necklace Moonstone Pink Tourmaline

opal stud earrings pink tourmaline

Opal Stud Earrings Pink Tourmaline

pink tourmaline disc earrings tarapink tourmaline disc earrings

Pink Tourmaline Disc Earrings Tara

pink tourmaline pendant necklace tarapink tourmaline pendant necklace tara

Pink Tourmaline Pendant Necklace Tara

Pink Touramlaine Ring TaraPink Tourmaline Ring Tara

Pink Tourmaline Ring Tara

rhodonite leaf drop earrings

Rhodonite Leaf Drop Earrings

ruby opal 18ct gold necklaceruby opal 18ct gold necklace

Ruby Opal 18ct Gold Necklace

talitha lapis-lazuli-pendant necklace

Talitha Lapis lazuli Pendant Necklace

Tallulah Bracelet AquamarineTallulah Bracelet Aquamarine

Tallulah Bracelet Aquamarine

Tallulah Bracelet RubyTallulah Bracelet Ruby

Tallulah Bracelet Ruby

tanzanite emerald ruby 18ct gold earringstanzanite emerald ruby 18ct gold earrings

Tanzanite Emerald Ruby 18ct Gold Earrings

tanzanite stud earrings tara

Tanzanite Stud Earrings Tara

Tara Chandelier Earrings Aquamarine Silver

Tara Chandelier Earrings Aquamarine Silver

Tara Chandelier Earrings Moonstone Rose Goldmoonstone jewellery

Tara Chandelier Earrings Moonstone Rose Gold


Tara Long Necklace Blue Green Tourmaline Silver

Tara Stud EarringsGreen Tourmalinetara stud earrings green tourmaline

Tara Stud Earrings Green Tourmaline

Tara Stud Earrings Tourmalinetara stud earrings tourmaline

Tara Stud Earrings Tourmaline