My love for coloured gemstones.

Having travelled extensively from an early age, I have, as a jewellery designer, been inspired by the vibrant colours and natural textures I saw in places as diverse as Khartoum, Victoria Falls, the Nile, Marrakech, the palaces of Istanbul and of course, India.

I saw my first example of an uncut, unpolished gemstone while travelling with my parents from Lusaka to Livingston; on the roadside I found large chunks of rough Amethyst.

Decades later, while sourcing semi-precious stones in India, I saw a rough unpolished piece of Smithsonite which reminded her of the blue sky over the Victoria Falls.

All these life experiences have shaped the vision for my collections of luxurious designer jewellery.

I throughly enjoy the time I spend in India sourcing the stones for my collections. I can spend hours hunting for a particular stone, is the colour, cut and quality right? All of these questions are important when gemstone hunting.

I take a huge interest in where and how my jewellery is made. It’s important to me to know that the working conditions of the silver and goldsmiths producing my collections are of a certain standard.

Anna Murphy, fashion Editor of the Times says “There’s no one better at delivering affordable semi precious jewellery in a rainbow of hues than the boutique British brand Sushilla”

There are a number of ways you can shop on the website. If you are looking for a gift, then check out our Gift page, here you will find pieces suitable for every occasion, including our Gold Celebration Rings.

You can also shop by stone, if you already know that you are looking for a piece with a particular stone, then have a look at Gemstone.

Sushilla says her design ethos is simple; if the stone is beautiful in colour, shape and quality, then it should be set to allow the beauty of the stone to shine.

About Sushilla

About Gemstones

Sushilla travels to India twice a year, where she spends weeks at a time working closely with both the stonecutters, and the workshops that produce her jewellery – “I like to meet and get to know the people I work with. Some of them have been with me since the beginning and they can interpret my ideas and sketches very quickly.”


Sushilla also sponsors children at the SOS Children’s Village in Jaipur, “for me this is an opportunity to give back to the community I work in and also a chance to escape the bustle of Jaipur and visit this oasis of calm. I try to visit the orphanage at least once during my trips to India”. Sushilla has committed to sponsoring more children this year, “I would like to sponsor children in both Sudan and Zambia, places that I have such happy memories of as a child myself.”

You can find out more about Sushilla’s trips to the SOS Children’s Village here and here.


One of the latest collections is Tara, a wonderful designer range of jewellery using ‘one off’ pieces of faceted and rough gems including multi coloured Tourmaline Aquamarine, Tanzanite and Chrysoprase. A personal favourite of Sushilla, “it allows me to spend hours looking at and selecting some of the most beautiful stones.” Each piece in the Tara Collection is completely unique.