moonstone the birthstone for june

Moonstone is the Birthstone for June

Moonstone is the birthstone for June. Moonstone is one of the birthstones for June. The iridescent quality of Moonstone, makes it a wonderful stone to wear. Moonstone is traditionally a white stone with blue ‘fire’.


beautiful and affordable tanzanite jewellery

Beautiful and Affordable Tanzanite Jewellery

Beautiful and affordable Tanzanite Jewellery. Two words that don’t often go together! Tanzanite is one of the more expensive gemstones. It’s rarity, only found in a small are of Tanzania, has meant that it is considered to be a luxury and expensive gemstone.


Looking After Silver And Gold Vermeil Jewellery

Looking After Silver and Gold Vermeil Jewellery

  Looking after silver and gold vermeil jewellery.  Gold vermeil is the term to describe hard or micron plating on silver. For all our jewellery the base metal is either silver or gold. We micron-plate more than half of our silver jewellery. Gold vermeil should not be confused with flash plating or gold plating. Gold…


designing tallulah the love of rough cut stones

Designing Tallulah – The Love Of Rough Cut Gemstones

Designing Tallulah – The love of Rough cut gemstones. My very first collection was Tallulah, this collection was conceived nearly ten years ago. At the time I knew I wanted to work with stones and try my hand at designing, but really didn’t want to just follow the trends. It was while trawling the stone…


tourmaline nature's rainbow coloured gem

Tourmaline Nature’s Rainbow Coloured Gem

Tourmaline Nature’s Rainbow Coloured Gem. Tourmaline may not be the most well known of the semi-precious gemstones but it is certainly one of the most fascinating. Naturally produced in a fantastical array of rainbow colours from deep black to subtle pinks and azure blue this is an endlessly versatile and beautiful stone. Sought out by…


Sharing My Passion For Tourmaline Jewellery

Sharing My Passion For Tourmaline Jewellery

Sharing my passion for tourmaline jewellery. My love for Tourmaline as a stone, began from a very early age. My mother has a wonderful pink tourmaline set in a simple gold band. It has always been my favourite piece of jewellery in her collection. As a child, it was probably because I liked all things…


sushilla talks about her fascination with opal jewellery

Sushilla Talks About Her Fascination With Opal Jewellery

Sushilla Talks About Her Fascination With Opal Jewellery I have always been fascinated by opal jewellery. As a child, this stone, with it’s unique play of colour, had me captivated. Yet it wasn’t a stone that I was interested in using until I had been designing jewellery for a number of years.


you can now shop by birthstone

You Can Now Shop By Birthstone

You can now shop by Birthstone. We have introduced a new tab to the website. More and more people are shopping by birthstone and we thought we would make it easier for our customers. There has been a trend for more personalised jewellery, be it engraving or picking a piece of jewellery that has meaning.

what's new at sushilla jewellery

What’s New at Sushilla Jewellery

What’s new at Sushilla Jewellery. That’s a big question.. Since my last jewellery blog, I’ve been very busy, but I would like to concentrate on just two pieces here. The first is something I had made for me while I was in India earlier this year. It’s a simple yet pretty 18ct gold disc necklace…


a weekend in Prague with sushilla

A Weekend in Prague with Sushilla

A weekend in Prague with Sushilla. Well first off, it was a little more than a weekend, a long weekend in fact. We stayed four nights – I’m not sure you could do Prague justice in less than 3 days. A beautiful city, on a par with Paris for stunning architecture. What first struck us was…