Travel Jewellery Bag Soft Pink


A pretty cotton travel jewellery bag in dusky pink with a contrasting lining. Jaipur is famous for it’s block printing tradition and we have picked 2 contrasting prints for our bags. The bag features blue and green flowers on the dusky pink background. the lining is a sold soft pink.

The jewellery bag is small enough to fit into the average handbag.

Diameter of base of bag is 13cm.


Travel Jewellery Bag Soft Pink. These pretty cotton jewellery bags are made form two layers of block printed cotton. Jaipur is famous not only for it’s stone cutting, but also a tradition of block printing.

Sushilla has designed and chosen complementary fabrics for these pretty jewellery bags perfect for travel. They can also be used to store your favourite pieces at home.

The travel jewellery bag has a number of little pockets to hold smaller pieces, earrings and rings, and a larger storage area for necklaces and bracelets.

The base of the bags has been double stitched to form a strong base.

The bags work on a double draw string, one to open and one to close.

These lovely bags would make a wonderful gift.

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