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garnet antique coin pendant necklace

Garnet Antique Coin Pendant Necklace

labradorite ruby double drop earringsOut of stock

Labradorite Ruby Double Drop Earrings

ruby opal 18ct gold necklaceruby opal 18ct gold necklace

Ruby Opal 18ct Gold Necklace

ruby silver bracelet tallulah

Ruby Silver Bracelet Tallulah

tallulah earrings ruby black tourmaline silver

Tallulah Earrings Ruby Black Tourmaline Silver

opal aquamarine double drop earrings talithaopal aquamarine double drop earrings

Opal Aquamarine Double Drop Earrings Talitha

aquamarine waterfall chandelier earrings tara

Aquamarine Waterfall Chandelier Earrings Tara

blue green tourmaline necklace tara

Blue Green Tourmaline Necklace Tara

multi tourmaline drop necklace tara

Multi Tourmaline Drop Necklace Tara

pink sapphire double strand necklace sofiaOut of stock

Pink Sapphire Double Strand Necklace Sofia